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About Swedish EnergyAshes

Our Mission

Today Swedish EnergyAshes is owned by 10 Swedish energy companies. The goal of the company is to help member companies make use of the ashes in an environmentally sound, resource-efficient and economical manner.


Swedish EnergyAshes will work to achieve the objective by;

-Information and advocacy vis-à-vis politicians, authorities and potential users of the ashes.

-To contribute to an increased knowledge on the use of ashes.

-To work so utililisation of ashes may take place in a large-scale

The company's work will be based on scientific facts and current research and development work.

Swedish EnergyAshes AB is a non-profit corporation currently owned by the following utilities:

-AB Fortum Värme

-Söderenergi AB

-Eskilstuna Energi & Miljö AB

-Tekniska Verken i Linköping AB

-Sundsvall Energi AB

-Vattenfall AB Heat Nordic

-Mälarenergi AB

-Gävle Kraftvärme AB

-Öresunds Kraft Kraft & Värme AB

-Göteborg Energi AB


Use of coal bottom ash from grate combustion as light-weight fill for Highway-construction on soft grounds - E4 in Norrköping.

When firing various fuels to produce district heating combustion residues in the form of ash is produced. The properties of the ashes and possible uses depends on the fuel used. Examples of possible uses are as freeze resistant construction material for roads, as construction material such as waterproof layers on landfills, to counteract acidification and to revitalize the woodlands.

The flower Viper's-bugloss growing in ash.

We are organized with a board and a CEO.

Energy ashes is the collective name for the ash, slag and flue-gas cleaning products that fall as residues from combustion of solid fuels at boilers for Arodueing energy. It is in fact ashes falling from the burning of logging residues, chips, bark, energy crops, recycled wood, wood pellets, briquettes, industrial waste (wood, paper and plastics), peat, coal, rubber, household waste etc. In the area of ashes from waste incineration or co-combustion we shall be a complement to the work done by the waste management association “Avfall Sverige”. We are not working with ashes from combustion of coal in Powder boilers. But formally we don´t have incinaration of normal industrial and household waste in Sweden as the purpose of the waste is to produce energy. Normal house hold waste contains 85% of bioenergy.

The goal is that we should have a significant environmentally sound use of energy ashes outside of landfills but at the same time being a most effective valuable construction material in landfills. We are confident that the industry needs a strong interest association working for the provision of energy ashes and that a corporation is a good form for this. Therefore, we have the ambition to become an industry body for lobbying, collaboration, research, information, development etc.

The website is the foundation of our information dissemination and knowledge gathering. The website has links to a range of industry bodies and companies, it takes up news, reports, presentations etc. from Swedish EnergyAshes. The goal is to serve as an attractive source of inspiration and knowledge for all who work with ashes.

We also arrange seminars and study tours, have meetings with the authorities, initiates R & D works and works to give us guidance on how our ashes and slags may be used.

Swedish EnergyAshes supports  Värmeforsks R&D-project on how to use ashes in an environmentally sound way. We are deeply committed to support the Värmeforsk-program while we seek to initiate creative projects that lead to the above objectives, not least by promoting R&D results through seminars, leaflets and other measures to administrators, authorities and users.




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