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The Luxury Liner of the Future

Watching the process of loading a cruise ship is a bewildering spectacle of logistics and organization. Tons of food and drink join a seemingly endless assembly of trucks packed with other essential supplies—lugging aboard a menagerie of goods aimed at anticipating the every need of paying passengers, The Atlantic writes in an article.

Which is a sort of nice way of saying: There’s a lot of junk that gets loaded onto a cruise ship. And even more that ends up coming off of it. The cruise industry has been widely criticized for the amount of waste it generates. Witnessing the loading process in and around the new Quantum of the Seas is all the more intriguing, then, when you realize none of the supplies going onto the ship will come off as waste.

The ship has 18 restaurants, all of which divert waste to Quantum’s onboard recycling center. “We sort and redirect waste here flowing in from the 18 onboard restaurants and assorted bars,” said Tavia Robb, manager of Corporate Social Responsibility for Royal Caribbean. “All glass is separated from plastic and sorted by color—with the material stored onboard until the ship docks… We use onboard incinerators that burn that material and other passenger waste into high grade ash that’s eventually shipped to concrete factories to be transformed into road surfacing.”

Read the entre article from 23 February on The Atlantic’s website

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