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Poet Biorefining plant uses wood waste to power its facility


Poet Biorefining in Chancellor, S.D., is currently powering its plant with wood waste from Spencer, Iowa, according to an article in Biomass Magazine.

“We are a fuel-switching plant where we can switch to the most economical type of fuel,” said Dean Frederickson, general manager of the plant. For example, besides burning wood, the facility also uses methane from wells drilled in the Sioux Falls landfill to power the refining plant. “That’s been a great renewable energy source, also,” Frederickson added.

Poet-Chancellor installed a solid fuel boiler in 2006 to offset the cost of fossil fuel. The plant has natural gas as a back-up energy source. Besides using renewable energy sources such as wood waste and methane from the landfill, Poet-Chancellor uses magnets to remove metal from wood pallets before burning, and then recycles the scrap steel.

Even the ash that is a by-product of the wood burning is recycled. “We found a beneficial use for that, too,” Frederickson said. The plant ships the ash to construction companies which pack it down and spray water on it to create a hard surface.

Read the entire article from October 16 on Biomass Magazine’s website:


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