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Gortadroma gasification plant – questions and answers

IFAMILIES living near the former Gortadroma landfill have expressed anger at plans for a state-of-the-art gasification plant to be built at the site. Now in an exclusive interview in Limerick Post with Alan Jacques, the US company behind the project, Cadence EnviroPower (CEP) consortium, address some of the worries and issues raised by residents of the area.

Question: Some people in the area have expressed concerns regarding possible air or water emissions, noise, or dust and odours from the new facility. How does CEP respond to such concerns?

Dr Bary Wilson, chief operating officer of CEP: CEP has designed the Gortadroma facility to be as efficient, clean, and quiet as possible. The basic technology and equipment being used has been in reliable operation for more than 30 years. To this basic equipment, CEP has added patent pending technology that further reduces emissions of all kinds.

Unlike gasification, the ash produced in the incineration process is a problem for disposal because contains carbon and may contain toxic metals that can migrate into the environment over time. The CEP gasification process removes the carbon from this ash and then converts it to an inert non-leachable material that can be used for architectural fill or for aggregate in concrete of for cement blocks.

Read the entire interview from June 4 on Limerick Post's website:



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