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Case study: Increased metal recycling from waste to energy ash with rare earth magnet

A case study looking at how Covanta has increased ferrous metal recycling from waste to energy bottom ash by upgrading its magnetic sorting systems. New Jersey based waste to energy firm, Covanta Energy is one of the world’s largest owners and operators of facilities dedicated to recovering energy from waste, as well as other waste disposal and recycling services.

Because the bottom ash that remains after combustion contains valuable ferrous and nonferrous metals that would otherwise go unrecovered if the MSW was simply landfilled, the process supports recycling. The amount of metals present in the ash is significant. Annually Covanta’s waste to energy facilities recover about 430,000 tons of ferrous and more than 15,000 tons of nonferrous metals for recycling.


The full article was published on Waste Management's website on August 8

Energiaskor 2014-09-16


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