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Incinerator ash classification ‘under review’

The UK government is reviewing whether to count incinerator bottom ash (IBA) usage toward the nation’s overall recycling performance and has asked the European Commission for a ruling, according to an article in

Defra is coming under increasing pressure from local authorities as well as pressure from the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) to change its stance on the classification of IBA. With the UK still needing about 7% more recycling to hit the 2020 50% recycling target, inclusion of IBA recycling could help close the gap.

The reuse of IBA in aggregates represents a significant reusage of the residual waste which goes into an incinerator. Aggregates firm Ballast Phoenix explains that after metals have been removed from the ash, by producing an aggregate, the company “effectively recycles about 20% by mass of the original tonnage of municipal solid waste”.

The European Commission’s Circular Economy package, which is due to be unveiled on December 2, is expected to look at measures to bring definitions of waste more closely in line across the European Union. The package is to include proposals to update existing EU laws covering waste management and recycling, including the Waste Framework and Landfill Directives. Organisations including the Confederation of European Waste to Energy Plants (CEWEP) have called for the package to include steps to classify incinerator ash as ‘recycled’ where it is diverted into suitable applications.

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