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From Ashes to a Boathouse: 25 Years at SBU

Faculty and students of the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences gathered in Endeavour Hall on a rainy October 2 to celebrate 25 years of the Boathouse, an experimental building made from municipal solid waste ash blocks, according to an article in The Stony Brook Press.

“Weather couldn’t be better for the occasion, since this is exactly why the Boathouse was built,” speaker Dr. Frank Roethel said.

Chemical oceanographer Roethel, has long been interested in environmental issues associated with the combustion of garbage and finding possible ways to reuse the ash produced as the result of incinerating waste. The Long Island Landfill Law (1983) left the Long Island’s towns with two choices regarding the management of their waste: truck it off-island or incinerate it.

“Today, more than 50% of Long Island’s municipal waste is sent to waste-to-energy facilities where they are combusted,” Roethel said. “Every year, 475,000 tons of ash are generated from combustion and disposed in ash fills. These ash fills will soon reach their maximum capacity and it is important to find solutions for their disposal.”

Read the entire article from October 4 on The Stony Brook Press’ website:


Swedish Energy Ashes 20 October 2015


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