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Covanta's new Durham incinerator incorporates state-of-the-art technology

Covanta has completed construction of the new Durham York Energy Centre facility in Clarington and it's now in the testing phase. Mr. Neild, facility manager, said the incinerator design allows for "extracting most of the energy out of the trash", according to an article in

"The energy-from-waste facility has been built to meet the more stringent European emission standards. It uses a dry fly ash recycling system", Mr. Nield said.

The facility uses a system where the fly ash, the residue after material is burned, is recirculated through a dry scrubber. The flue gas is "too hot to be processed. In the cooling tour, there are a number of sprayers. The flue gas cools down."

"When the fly ash and the flue gas are reintroduced, water is added. That's a new process", Mr. Neild said.

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