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Study: Common reeds can keep you warm in the winter

A new study by the Annandale-based environmental science nonprofit, Hudsonia, is proposing a new source to biofuel pellets – Phragmities australis, better known as the common reed, according to an article in Poughkeepsie Journal.

The reeds contain about the same ash, energy and moisture content as switchgrass, a more common ingredient in the pellets. However since the reeds grow much taller than the grass, you get a much larger quantity of standing biomass when you harvest them.

– There are multiple benefits, potentially, says Erik Kiviat, Hudsonia's executive director. The reeds don't require any expenditure of energy or pesticides to grow. They grow in places that are too wet, or where the soil is too poor, for agricultural crops and the ash they produce can be spread on fields as fertilizer.'

Read the entire article from October 16 on Poughkeepsie Journal’s website


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