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Remex opens incinerator bottom ash processing plant in Singapore

Remex Mineralstoff GmbH of Düsseldorf, Germany, a subsidiary of the German recycling, service and water company Remondis, recently completed the construction of a state-of-the-art recycling facility in Singapore to process incinerator bottom ash (IBA) and recover the metals contained in the material, according to an article in Renewable Energy from Waste.

The plant, which is able to recover both ferrous and nonferrous metals, is located on grounds covering 1.4 hectares in the Tuas district of Singapore. According to Remondis, Remex will be able to process around 600,000 metric tons of IBA generated by Singapore's four household waste incineration plants every year. The company says the facility will be able to recover and recycle about 90 percent of the ferrous metals found in the IBA and over three quarters of the valuable nonferrous metals, such as aluminium and copper. These high recycling rates are possible thanks to the plant's innovative technology that will make it possible for even the smallest pieces of metal, such as paper clips and bottle caps, to be picked out.

A variety of systems have been installed including special magnets, eddy current separators and multistage screening equipment. The company says the arrangement of the technology is designed to ensure that the ferrous and nonferrous metals can be removed separately from the incinerator bottom ash.

Read the entire article from December 14 on Renewable Energy from Waste's website:


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