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Climate Hacking Doable, Say Experts - But Long-Term Effects Uncertain

Despite what some people believe, climate change is very real. It's so real, in fact, that some advocates have actively considered tampering with the climate to mitigate its effects. Officially, the process is called geoengineering. More commonly, it's referred to as "climate hacking”, accordning to an article in Tech Times.

Out of the methods that can be used for climate hacking, solar radiation management is a favorite, which also happens to be the most dangerous as well. Essentially, solar radiation management is about blocking sunlight much like how major volcanic eruptions could, with volcanoes spewing out so much ash into the sky that the atmosphere effectively cuts off dramatic levels of solar energy.

The process of depositing ash into the atmosphere is relatively easy, with some studies showing that balloons and a few billion dollars a year could get it done. But carbon dioxide would still build up in the atmosphere. In just a few years, ash pumped into the atmosphere would wash away once solar radiation management stops.

Read the entire article from January 6 on Tech Times website

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