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Fly-ash bricks are increasingly gaining acceptance in construction. There are several reasons for this. To begin with, these bricks are fire and moisture resistant, while being eco-friendly and aesthetically appealing. And one of the biggest reasons they are popular is because they are durable, according to an article in Construction Week Online.

What is little known about the use of fly-ash bricks is that they facilitate speedy construction and enhance the value of a project in terms of carbon credits.

Manoj Kumar, managing director at Hess India, an international leader in the manufacture of concrete production equipment, is exuberant when he speaks about his company. “Converting fly-ash into useful construction material is economical and the bricks are much cheaper than clay bricks and cement. What few realise is that it enables considerable cost savings on plastering mortar. Considering all the talks around sustainability, the fly-ash bricks are ideal exponents of sustainability”, he adds.


Read the entire article from 10 March on Construction Week Online

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